Soya bil Ajeen (Regular)

Soya bil Ajeen (Regular)

2,500 LBP


Soy Bi Aajin is one of the Hallab 1881's most famous pastries, served at noon time, given its rich nutritional value and excellent source of protein, especially for vegetarians. It contains all eight essential amino acids, necessary for the human body, allowing it to produce protein

Food type

Soya bil Ajeen (Regular) is available for purchase in increments of 6


(C=Contains / MC=May Contain / DNC=Do Not Contain)
Milk & milk productsSoy proteinGlutenTree nutsSesameCoconutEggs & egg productsFish & shellfishLupin BeanSulfites SO2MustardCeleryPeanuts
Wheat flour, soja, animal ghee, butter, vegetable oil, starch, water, milk, egg, tahina, onion, grenadine molasses, salt, spices, apple vinegar, sugar, pine.

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