Cakes & French Pastries


Petit Fours Mix

8.00 USD


An assortment of french cookies.
Available in two sizes.
* Decorations may vary

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Wheat flour, sugar, egg, butter, milk, cocoa, nuts (almond, walnut, pistachio, hazelnut), animal cream, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, fruits (apple, apricot, strawberry, lemon, cherries), water, wheat starch, corn starch, grated coconut, glucose syrup, lactose, fructose, milk protein, whey powder, hydrogenated vegetable fat, vegetable oils (sunflower, turnip, palm), cinnamon, honey, raising agents (E500, E450a, E500ii), acidity regulator (E450, E450i, E541, E575, E339ii, E331, E341, E330), preservatives (E202), emulsifiers (E472a, E472b, E471, E475, E412, E322, E476), stabilizers (E420, E407, E220, E492, E440, E401, E492, E476, E422), colouring (E150a, E160aii, E100, E129, E163), gelling agents (E406, E440), antioxidant (E223), natural flavors (vanilla, apricot, strawberry, lemon).

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