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                                                         Easter Rustic Collection 2

Easter Rustic Collection 2

150,000 LBP


Pill Egg Almond Milk KG 0.18
Pill Egg Choco 20% KG 0.21
Pill Egg Creme Hazelnut KG 0.25
Pill Egg Crunch KG 0.15
Pill Egg Milk Pistachios KG 0.12
Pill Egg Feuilletine KG 0.23
Pill chocolate 20% KG 0.04
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Qty /Piece

(C=Contains / MC=May Contain / DNC=Do Not Contain)
Milk & milk productsSoy proteinGlutenTree nutsSesameCoconutEggs & egg productsFish & shellfishLupin BeanSulfites SO2MustardCeleryPeanuts
Pill Egg Almond Milk
Pill Egg Choco 20%
Pill Egg Creme Hazelnut
Pill Egg Crunch
Pill Egg Milk Pistachios
Pill Egg Feuilletine
Pill chocolate 20%

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